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All you can eat!

Adult Masterclasses

  • Group Session

  • Private Group Session

  • Corporates 

  • Celebrations

From £25.00 per person​

Children Masterclasses

  • Birthday Parties

  • Themed Sessions

  • 'Decorate Your Own' Waffle Trees

From £14.00 per person​

What's Included?

Come and enjoy a waffle making experience ​picking up new culinary skills, learning the ropes to waffle secret recipes including Gluten Free and/or Vegan and have a chance to be creative in the kitchen. This is an all you can eat class, what you cook is what you eat!

We include all equipment, machines, uniform and fun to make this an experience to remember! 

Dietary? We can cater to ensure we are nut free, dairy free, vegetarian to suit your event.


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