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Where it all begun....

The Waffle Market was founded in 2021, six years after the idea. The Founder was inspired to create a waffle batter that was healthy, gluten-free, sugarless, light and tasty. She worked extensively for a year to create her own waffle batter before working on recipes and launching her first menu. It was here where she fell in love with gluten-free flours and voila her healthy and gluten-free waffle batter was complete! 


The Founder was inspired by developing savoury waffle concepts and bringing this to life through a culinary experience that represented innovative and traditional cuisine with a waffle twist. The concept of the cuisine has European and British Influences, with all ingredients ethically sourced from local farmer and businesses to support the Sussex infrastructure.

The Founder was adamant to bring Brighton & Hove (where she is born and bred) a new dining experience that incorporates her creative background in theatre and the arts with her hospitality experience and give consumers a reason to dine out by tantalising tastebuds and presenting eye catching dishes and events that will bring an immersive experience to the table. What better place to be located than the artistic city of Brighton & Hove.

The Waffle Market Restaurant will be home to waffle brunches, lunches & exclusive dinners and will include exclusive events/workshops throughout the year. The menu is designed with the intention of creating a story behind each dish, plated to thrill! The creator wants The Waffle Market to be inviting to all and has created a number of special days throughout the year to keep waffle fans entertained.


Keep up to date on their socials to stay tuned!

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So how did The Founder go from there to serving waffles? 

Before setting off on her waffle journey The Founder worked endlessly and started her journey converting a horse box into a mobile catering unit so that she could start serving waffles at events

She booked events left, right and centre, concentrating her efforts on finding the events where people would appreciate her waffle concept and help bring her to life. She then left her full time job to dedicate the time required to The Waffle Market. From there she began serving waffles at events including The Financial Times Live and Sony Music at Chiswick House as well as more local events such St Ann Wells Garden Party and Fringe Festival to then ending the year in a Christmas Hut as Battersea Power Station in London!

Despite having to start off in a different direction by pursuing events with the horse box and working around the clock, The Founder created a gateway to where she would begin her true journey of The Waffle Market Restaurant.

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